Spring Classic Rocket Bikes Black and Blue and Flanders Points Raffle

Jessica Laufenberg addressing the riders outside Rocket Bikes before the start.

Rain drops at the start of the ride.

With temperatures in the 40s and rain last weekend, it sure felt like we should have had another Spring Classic Ride. The Lowlands Groups Spring Classic Series finished with Rocket Bikes Black and Blue ride with a hilly route from the shop in Verona through Black Earth and Blue Mounds. The ride started out with a temperature of 58 degrees and some sprinkles and an 11 mph wind, certainly weather in the spirit of a late season Lowlands area Spring Classic. By mid ride it was sunny and in the 80s, but we score Flanders Points with the conditions at the start of the rides, so everyone gets the 40 bonus points for precipitation.

The group soon after the start.

Lots of groups train for the Iron Man out this way, so there are many training route markings on the roads. Spray chalk or route arrows are a better and temporary way to mark routes rather than spray paint.

We never saw a car on many of the town roads on the Black and Blue Ride route.

Mike and Rob rounding the corner by a beautiful farm house first made famous by Phil Van Valkenberg when he included it on the cover of an early bicycling guide to Wisconsin.

I had to get back to Milwaukee by 2:30pm, so I cut the route short and only did 62 miles, giving me 94 Flanders Points for the day. If you did the full 74 mile route Jessica cooked up, you earn 105 Flanders Points.

105 Flanders Points = 74 miles  x 50/58 degrees + 40 precipitation points + 11 mph wind – 10

Thanks a bunch to Jessica and Rocket Bikes for organizing a super fun route. I even talked to a rider from Illinois who came up to do the ride as part of his training for the Horribly Hilly Hundreds. And hilly it was, I managed to hit double nickels down Mounds Park Road, my fastest speed of the year so far.

Anyone who did at least one of the rides is welcome to enter the final series raffle on this Google Form. We are using the honor system here, so please don’t enter points you didn’t earn. We will divvy up the prizes according to how many rides people did and by who has the most Flanders Points, but names will be drawn randomly.


Enter Your Flanders Points Here» 

Our prize list is as follows:

  • Top Prize for riders who did the most rides and had the most Flanders Points: A Borah Teamwear Spring Classics kit (shorts and jersey) of your choice
  • Three $25 Gift Certificates good at any of the Lowlands Group Grand Cafes
  • A Bike Fed t-shirt of your choice
  • A pound of Just Coffee’s Ride On Roast

Thanks to everyone who participated in the rides. Thanks also to our ride organizers for coming up with some fun routes, providing pre-ride snacks and throwing some great post-ride parties. And raise your glass to our series sponsor and friends at Lowlands Restaurant Group, the most cycling crazy bunch of restauranteurs I have ever met.

I almost can’t wait until next spring.



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