Bike Week Blog: Bacon in the Sun

Let us gloat.

When we moved Wisconsin Bike Week to June a few years ago, we did so in the hope of better weather. (May in Wisconsin can be a bad month for sledding.) Well, behold. Every day this Bike Week is dry, sunny and warm.

Perfect weather has greeted cyclists all week on the shores of Lake Monona and all around the state.

In our understated Midwestern way, we’re not apt to make a big deal out of such things. Just let us quietly state for the record that we were right. We were right. We were right. We were right.

Now that that’s out of the way, today’s festivities in both Madison and Milwaukee featured bacon on the bike path. In Madison it’s an 11 year tradition and, fittingly, this year Madison commuters went to 11 (see “Spinal Tap”). Forty pounds of bacon and 20 dozen donuts disappeared, which could be a record.

Bacon on the Bike Path is the brainchild of Planet Biker and longtime bicycle activist and advocate Jay Ferm. Thanks to Jay

Planet Bike’s Jay Ferm, father of Bacon on the Bike Path.

and Planet Bike for sponsoring the event once again this year and to Just Coffee for the free java with which to wash down the hot bacon.

Everyone had a swine time.

This is where it all happens.

This year’s fashionable Bacon shirt. Sale proceeds went to the Bike Fed. Thanks Planet Bike!

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