Mobile Bike Repair cruises along

Nataniel works on a bike at CicloviaMKE event on Cesar Chavez St.

You may have heard that we upgraded our Southside Cargo vehicle! Getting out of the Menomonee Valley with 200+ pounds of cargo is no small feat. So we purchased a new (matching to our Northside) Larry Vs. Harry Bullitt and added E-Rad assist with support from Coast In Bike Shop. Our amazing local partners at Hayes Performance Systems also provided top of the line Hayes Prime Pro Brakes and tough as nails wheel set to make sure we roll easy. Thanks so much to those local partners helping us bring repairs to the people!

Due to a winning day at Potawatomi Hotel and Casino through their Heart of Canal Street program we were able to train and hire 7 High School students this year and expand the number of days we are in the community.

Meet the 2017 Northside Crew!

John and Hezekiah are returning staff from last summer. This year, due to increased funding, we added Cortaz, who came highly recommended by John and Hez after completing a week long training in May. All 3 of the young men are students at North Division H.S., our home base for bike and supplies storage.

The Northside Crew (Hezekiah, Cortaz, Chris, John)


John shows Hezekiah some tips for working on brakes

Cortaz joined the crew this summer after being recommended by John and Hez and going through the training in May.

161 Bikes fixed so far from the Northside Crew.

Find us at these sites the rest of Summer!

Columbia Park, 1354 W Columbia St., 7/31- 8/3, 11am-3pm

Franklin Square, 2643 N 13th St., 8/7-8/10, 11am -3pm


An appreciative neighbor brings pizza for the boys after his bike gets fixed.

We’d like you to meet Nataniel, Daniel, and Xavier.

Xavier and Daniel, students at Carmen HS, team up on a bike at CicloviaMKE event.

164 Fixed so far on Southside

Catch us at these sites the rest of Summer!

Mitchell Park, 2200 W. Pierce St., 7/31-8/3 , 11am-3pm

Merrill Park, 461 N. 35th St., 8/7-8/10, 11am-3pm


I was lucky enough to work a week at the Clarke Square Park location and it was truly amazing to see a transformation happen. The first day we were there on Monday only a couple kids passed through the park by bike. That day we fixed maybe a dozen bikes. Then on Tuesday, a dozen more. By Thursday the park and surrounding blocks were filled with kids riding their recently fixed bikes. The buzz of excitement and activity was amazing to see in person. No photo or phone video would really tell the story to the full extent.

The Bike Fed is currently working on funding the Mobile Repair Program for 2018 at current levels. The Heart of Canal  Street money won’t be there in 2018, as it was a one year grant. If you feel like this program is making positive change in our city and getting more kids on bikes and at the same time giving High School youth employment opportunities and training, please consider a donation to our Mobile Repair program.

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Bike on!

-Jake Newborn, Pepe Barros, Chris Keidel, and the youth

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