Walk (and Bike) to School Day celebrated at Milwaukee Public Schools!

With perfect outdoor activity weather today several Milwaukee Public Schools got out and traveled to school by foot, scooter, and bike today!

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Cooper Elementary sent some pictures of their event.

Students at Cooper arrive to water bottles to quench their thirst

Planet Fitness came by to educate kids on other ways to be active and healthy at Cooper El.

There are so many benefits to moving more in the morning…

“Kids who cycled or walked to school, rather than traveling by car or bus, performed measurably better on tasks demanding concentration, such as solving puzzles, and the effects lasted for up to four hours after they got to school.” -Niels Egelund of Aarhus University in Denmark, Mass Experiment 2012

In addition to preparing our kiddos for a better learning experience it reduces automobile traffic congestion and pollution around schools. Walking and Biking helps teach kids how to gain lifelong appreciation for being active and healthy.

I spoke with the Crossing Guard at Howard Ave Montessori, she also works Fernwood Montessori intersection. She was amazed at how many kids were walking and biking to school along Kinnickinnick Ave in Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. Howard Ave Montessori had full bike racks and 2 Walking School Bus routes with about 30 folks participating. A bike train also brought about 25 people by bike!

Full bike racks at Howard Ave School in Milwaukee

I spoke with some parents at Howard Ave Montessori about why they walked or rode today.

“I am using this as a way to get my daughter to learn to ride her two-wheeler so we could ride together.” -Karen, Parent

“Thanks for ‘forcing’ this lazy mom to walk to school for the first time!  My son was SUPER happy! And I actually enjoyed it!”- Amanda, Parent

Parkside School for the Arts had a bike decorating contest! They also had 108 students and 40 parents walk or bike! Staff handed out apples and water bottles and gave some awards for bike decoration contest! I’ll be rewarding the best decorated bike with some bike swag!

Congratulation and thanks to all the participating schools!

  • Howard Ave Montessori
  • Fernwood Montessori
  • Clement Ave School
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Parkside School for the Arts
  • Cooper Elementary School
  • Maryland Ave Montessori
  • Hopkins Lloyd Community School
  • Humboldt Park School

Thanks to all the parents who took a little time off work to help celebrate and get the kids active this morning! Hopefully it helped convince you to make the trip more often. If your school missed out on planning one today don’t fret! The whole month is dubbed Walktober! Still plenty of great outdoor weather to go and time to plan an event! Let us know if you want some help with stickers, chain tokens, or just some advice!


Know anyone looking for some Part Time work? Milwaukee Safety Division is in need of hiring more crossing guards! Spread the word and MORE INFO HERE!


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