Mobile Repair Season wrap up

What a fantastic season! Due to a big win at Potowatomi Hotel and Casino through their Heart of Canal charitable giving programs we were able to hire more kids and be at more sites more often in 2017! Special thanks to all our private donors as well. Without your continued commitment through the years this program and the youth wouldn’t be able to have such amazing learning and growth experiences! If anyone reading this feels this program is awesome you can help support it at the Saris Gala Live Auction!

“Running the mobile bike repair at the Southside introduced me to a diverse and amazing community. I remember this kid Jorge at Trowbridge Square who during our week there brought more than 9 different friends to get their bike repaired. Jim, this 80 years old fellow, who was our very first customer at Story Garden kept showing up with refreshments during the whole season!” – Pepe, Southside Lead Mechanic

“… it was great in all and hope that the program keeps going on because it provides job opportunities and that is a life skill to learn and be helpful to the community members…that is a great way to get teens to do something out in the community rather than staying inside doing nothing at home, this is really a great way to get teens engaged.” – Jean, Southside Youth Mechanic





Link to Google Map of Sites served




Can’t make the Gala, but love the work we are doing and want to help provide jobs and training for youth who are fixing bikes for free in the community?!



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