60 Degrees and Sunny, LAX Spring Classic Is On!

We had some hike-abike sections through the snow that first year we rode to Belgium, but the weather was tame compared to this year.

I like to think of myself as someone who will ride in any weather, but the freezing rain, snow, and high winds made me cry UNCLE? I had to agree with the ride organizers to cancel the Lowlands Group Spring Classics so far this year. Broken Spoke even tried to change their planned road ride to Luxemburg to a fat bike ride, but they got so much more snow the day before the ride the Reforestation Camp trails were not rideable despite grooming! We do hope to reschedule the spring rides we skipped for this fall when we might actually get Belgianesque Classics weather, so stay tuned.

SPRING HAS SPRUNG (in La Crosse at least)!

Despite more wet, sloppy snow in my Milwaukee forecast, our friends in the heart of the Driftless Region have promised us sunshine and 60 degrees for their awesome Holland to the Cut classic ride, at 1 PM this Sunday, April 22nd. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason they have had perfect spring weather for their ride every year so far. When I think of spring classics, the image of Johan Museeuw’s 40k solo breakaway into the cold, wind and rain for a win in the 2002 Paris Roubaix.

But hey, if he had hit the cobbles and it was 60 degrees and sunny, I don’t think even the Lion of the North was going to complain, so why should we? Let’s enjoy some great spring weather finally, and a great route through Wisconsin’s gorgeous Driftless Region. See you there!

The Mindoro Cut is a bucket list Wisconsin ride.

About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

3 thoughts on “60 Degrees and Sunny, LAX Spring Classic Is On!

  1. Dave, I live in Onalaska (just north of La Crosse), it’s been snowing all day, and there’s something like six or seven inches of heavy wet white stuff on the ground. Even if you do have sunshine and 60° temperatures on Sunday – and hey, this is Wisconsin; we all know how capricious the weather can be – I dare say the landscape is still going to be more white than green.


    • Thanks Bill, I know the landscape may look more January than April, but if the roads are clear, the sun is shining and the mercury is north of 50 degrees, I’ll take it!

  2. If you roll out of Red Pines at 1:00 PM and then pass through (the township of) Holland, how long do you think it will take for you to get to the cut?


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