La Crosse Labor Day Bicycle Festival

For eight years, the La Crosse Area Labor Day Bike Festival has brought you all kinds of rides for all kinds of riders.  We have family-friendly neighborhood tours, ice-cream rides, mountain biking, live music, challenging road rides, gravel, trail, and so much more!


New on the 2018 schedule are the Gran Fondo and Gravel Enduro Series, optional fee-based events. These are collections of fun rides exploring gravel and road routes in the Driftless region. “Enduro” and “Gran Fondo” means that riders leave together on a neutral start, with several sections timed along the way. The Gravel Enduro Series includes two rides over Labor Day weekend, and a bonus recovery ride on Labor Day. The Gran Fondo will have two different rides on two days, with varying distances from 30-75 miles. Take your pick — join us on all of the rides, or on your pick of one or more.


Festival registration, most in-town rides, the Open Streets, and live music are FREE, while premium festival registration (with additional benefits, text-based weather updates, t-shirts and special goodies) is available.  The Gravel Enduro Series and Gran Fondo are optional, fee-based events with timing and added benefits.


Most Guided Interest Rides are suitable for families, kids, and easy riding. They leave from Riverside Park at the designated time, make frequent stops, and have a leader and volunteers to shepherd the ride through the city.

 Click here for registration and the full schedule of events.  Make sure the Labor Day Bicycle Festival and Open Streets are on your calendar.

About Carolyn Dvorak, La Crosse Ambassador

Carolyn lives in La Crosse with her husband and two daughters. She has loved riding a bicycle throughout her life. She enjoys working in the La Crosse area helping to create great places to bicycle.

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