Milwaukee’s first Complete Streets Policy

Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are designed to be safe and easy for all people to use, whether they are walking, biking, driving, or using public transit.


Many cities across the country are pursuing binding legislation that prioritizes saffer street networks also known as a Complete Streets policy or ordinance. Whether you are a kid biking to school, an older adult walking to the bus stop, or a parent pushing a stroller, Complete Streets connect communities and allow people to safely share the road with cars and trucks. This means that every transportation project should make  streets better and safer for drivers, transit users, pedestrians, and bicyclists.


The City of Milwaukee has taken the lead on developing Complete Streets legislation in the form of a policy that includes community input. They have been joined by the Wisconsin Bike Fed along with strong community partners including Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, Black Girls Do Bike, Northwest Side Community Development Corporation. Silver Spring Neighborhood Center and residents, collectively the Complete Streets Coalition.


The Complete Streets Coalition is currently campaigning  by reaching out to neighbors for support via petitions, walks and bike rides. YOU CAN SIGN THE PETITION HERE  another way to sign the petition is to simply text “MILWAUKEE,” to 46839.  Strong Complete Streets policies require that street design solutions consider all modes of travel and the safety of people as a focal point. We believe the policy will result  in safer street networks and overall a  more accessible city with less reckless driving, better crosswalks, more separated bike lanes, better sidewalks, and safer intersections.


We value a policy that makes Milwaukee a healthy, safe, and vibrant place to live. We hope it can be a model for other communities. Our mission, as a coalition, is to make sure everyone, in every neighborhood, can safely and enjoyably travel in whatever way they choose. With 18% of Milwaukee households lacking access to a car and up to 80% in historically disenfranchised neighborhoods, it’s vital to  have a system that provides mobility for all.

How can you help?

Sign on to support the Milwaukee Complete Streets initiative. This is the best way to get updates related to Complete Streets. Be on the lookout for calls to action to support the Milwaukee Complete Street policy.


Attend the public hearing. If you live, work or play in a Common Council Members District that is on the Public Work Committee (Alders Bauman/4th, Borkowski/11th, Donovan/8th, Kovac/3rd or Murphy/10th) join us as the Milwaukee Public Works Committee will review the Milwaukee Complete Streets Resolution and hear testimony from constituents: : Tuesday September, 12th 9am at City Hall.



3 thoughts on “Milwaukee’s first Complete Streets Policy

  1. Great work, Caressa and TeamComplete Streets! So glad this made it on to the blog. I hope people widely SHARE the link and get others to SIGN the petition and I hope we have a strong showing at City Hall in MKE on Sept. 12th to pass this policy! Thank you.

    • The city is not yet ready to share the policy text publicly. When they we get the ok, we will share it on the blog. Sorry!

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