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invites applications for the position of:
Pedestrian Bicycle Administrator

SALARY: $32.30 – $38.82 Hourly
$2,584.31 – $3,105.87 Biweekly
$5,599.34 – $6,729.39 Monthly
$67,192.06 – $80,752.62 Annually
DEPARTMENT: Traffic Engineering Division
OPENING DATE: 11/09/18
CLOSING DATE: 12/03/18 11:59 PM
The City of Madison seeks a person with initiative that can plan, advocate for, and manage implementation of pedestrian and bicycle initiatives and improvements.  This person would facilitate public engagement activities in a way that provides voice to every constituency, resulting in balanced transportation decisions that increase pedestrian/bike mode share, mobility, and safety.  We are seeking someone who can build collaborative relationships inside and outside the city to advance pedestrian and bicycle safety and mobility. We seek a person who will proactively reach out to under-represented communities and incorporate their transportation needs in pedestrian and bicycle initiatives.This is a highly responsible professional position in the development, coordination, management and implementation of a city wide pedestrian and bicycle program that promotes pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety. This position supervises staff responsible for education, bicycle licensing, and related activities, and is responsible for developing media contacts and public information campaigns.  The position also entails assisting organization’s safety education efforts and coordinating grant writing activities. This position is characterized by effective communication with the public and policy makers, and the ability to lead cross-agency teams to plan, develop solutions and implement transportation improvements relating to pedestrian and bicycle mobility and safety.

About Madison

The City of Madison has a population of over 250,000 in a region of more than 500,000 and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the U.S.  Surrounded by five lakes, Madison is home to a City-owned transit system with high ridership, a walkable and thriving downtown, many unique and walkable neighborhoods, distinctive locally owned restaurants and businesses, excellent healthcare, and unique music venues.  Madison is a Platinum Bicycle Community, as rated by the League of American Cyclists, with over 300 miles of paths and on-street facilities. Walking and cycling have a 15% mode share, which will need to grow in the coming years as Madison’s economy develops.

Madison’s economy is thriving.  State government and the University of Wisconsin – Madison play important roles, yet Madison is evolving from a government-based economy to one that is more private sector driven.  Biotechnology, information technology, healthcare, insurance, and specialized manufacturing are some of the sectors that are growing within the community.


  • Provide leadership and serve as the City’s lead contact for pedestrian and bicycle programs.
  • Lead planning efforts to complete pedestrian and bicycle networks in a context sensitive way that will be part of a balanced transportation system.
  • Supervise staff responsible for: pedestrian and bike educational programs, bike licensing, on-site bike facility review and design.
  • Lead and manage multi-discipline cross-agency teams to prepare plans, advance programs and implement projects as assigned.
  • Represent the Department of Transportation at City committees as well as stakeholder meetings.
  • Manage, coordinate, develop, and prioritize the annual and five-year pedestrian and bicycle work plans.
  • Pursue funding sources to implement the pedestrian and bicycle plan, including grant applications, budget submittals for the Capital Improvement Program, as well as other federal and state sources.
  • Develop and track performance measures that address: pedestrian and bicycle safety, pedestrian and bicycle mobility, and progress in implementing the pedestrian plan and the bicycle plan.
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with local and national pedestrian and bicycle professional organizations, bicycle shops, and related organizations and individuals.
  • Prepare reports and studies as requested.
Ability to meet the transportation requirements of the position.Physical Requirements:Employees are expected to conduct transportation studies focusing on pedestrian and bicycle mobility, which involves physically traveling to various intersections to observe conditions. In addition, employees are expected to give presentations at various schools and community groups throughout the City. Work hours may vary and include hours outside the regular work schedule, including weekends and evenings.

THE CITY OF MADISON IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER FUNCTIONING UNDER AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION PLAN. WE ENCOURAGE PEOPLE OF COLOR, WOMEN AND INDIVIDUALS WITH A DISABILITY TO APPLY.It is your responsibility to list all related jobs, correct dates of employment, average number of hours worked per week, etc. Be sure to place the complete job title on your application. If you wish to provide additional or supplemental information, please provide a resume in addition to the formal application. If you are still employed please indicate this. Failure to provide accurate and complete information may result in you not being considered for this position.All applicants are notified by email of the status of their application in each selection process. Those applicants invited to exams will receive an email notice of the date, time, and location. Alternate exam dates/times are not available except in the case of an emergency. Emergency situations are reviewed on an individual basis. Conflicting work hours are not considered an emergency. Exams are job specific and are developed based on the duties to be performed and the criteria listed under the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities section of the job announcement . Exam results are generally available within 2 weeks of the exam, and will be emailed or may be accessed through your NEOGOV account. Due to the volume of exams given by our office, exam scores are not available via telephone.

As an employer, the City of Madison places a strong emphasis on customer service and strives to provide a working environment where: Engagement and equity are supported; Diversity and differing opinions are valued; Teamwork and open and honest communication are encouraged; Meeting customer needs through quality service is a common goal; Creativity is encouraged; Continuous learning and improvement is fostered. Come be a part of the team!

CCB Rm 501

Position #2018-00393

Pedestrian Bicycle Administrator Supplemental Questionnaire




PLEASE READ CAREFULLY–YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONS AS PART OF YOUR APPLICATION. You can answer the questions using a word processing program and attach as a .docx or .pdf file. You must attach the document in the “Attachments” section of the application or you will not receive further consideration for this position. Your responses will be evaluated on your writing ability including: spelling, grammar and your ability to express your thoughts in a logical fashion. By checking this box, you acknowledge the above and understand that your response is required and failure to attach your essay response will immediately eliminate you from consideration.


Madison is a thriving community with increasing residential and business densities and a robust transportation system, in which the pedestrian and bicycle modes of transportation fill an important role. Please describe how your training, education, and experience makes you an excellent candidate for implementing the City’s pedestrian and bicycle plan, policy, and initiatives. Provide examples of projects you have helped to implement, particularly those in an urban environment.
 My one (1) page essay response to this question is attached to my application.


Please discuss how pedestrian and bicycle improvements can impact communities of color or other traditionally under-represented communities.
 My one (1) page essay response to this question is attached to my application.


Madison has an engaged citizenry that represent different modal interests and community priorities. Street elements, such as resident and business parking, tree canopy, pedestrian accommodations, bicycle accommodations, as well as motor vehicle needs all compete for space in the urban cross section. Please discuss an example where you have worked with different interests to provide for, and balance, all the competing street priorities.
 My one (1) page essay response to this question is attached to my application.
* Required Question


About Carolyn Dvorak, Southwest Region Director

Carolyn lives in La Crosse with her husband and two daughters. She has loved riding a bicycle throughout her life. She enjoys working in the La Crosse area helping to create great places to bicycle.

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