Feedback from non-motorized users wanted on Barron County recreation plan

Given the recent threats to add year-round motorized use to the Gandy Dancer and Stowers Seven Lakes State Trails, it is worth taking the time to fill out this outdoor recreation survey for Barron County. They are updating the Barron County Ten Year Outdoor Recreation Plan and conducting the survey to identify areas for improvement.

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Here’s an opportunity to give input on promoting bicycling, mountain biking and silent sports use of state trails as well as other outdoor recreation interests. You need not be a resident of Barron County to participate. Since survey participants supply their own home ZIP code, they will be able to parse out interest from locals vs. those who come as visitors.  Both views are important. The survey includes a comment space where you can indicate what improvements would make you more apt to seek recreational opportunities in the area.  The survey is estimated to take 5-10 minutes and closes on January 25, 2019.

Steve Olson, Barron County Maintenance Superintendent, sent the following message welcoming participation in a survey for updating the County’s Recreation Plan.
Barron County has completed many improvements to our parks in recent years.  Our parks and recreational facilities are important to the quality of life of residents and our tourism economy.  Looking to the future, we are now updating the County’s Outdoor Recreation Plan to identify potential future improvements and as a requirement for related grant funding.
Your responses to this short survey will help us understand how you use our recreational facilities along with potential opportunities for the future. The survey will close on January 25, 2019 so we encourage you to complete the 5-10 minute survey at your earliest convenience.
We appreciate your time and welcome any additional comments or feedback to:
Steve Olson
Maintenance Superintendent
Tel: (715) 537-6365


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