Dangerous By Design: Smart Growth America Releases the 2019 Report

Too many Americans are being struck and killed by the drivers of cars, trucks, and SUVs while walking. Dangerous by Design 2019, released today, chronicles the preventable epidemic of pedestrian fatalities, which have been steadily increasing in recent years, even as traffic fatalities overall have been decreasing.

Over the last decade drivers struck and killed 49,340 people walking in communities across the U.S. To put that into perspective, it’s the equivalent of a jumbo jet full of people crashing—with no survivors—every month. Since Dangerous by Design 2016 the problem has only gotten worse; four out of five states and major metro areas have become more dangerous for people walking.

Why? Our federal, state, and local policies, standards, and funding mechanisms that have been in place for decades produce dangerous roads that prioritize high speeds for cars over safety for all people.

Register now for a webinar tomorrow, Thursday, January 24 at 2:30 p.m EST to learn about the report. The  panel of experts will walk through the results and talk about what can be done to save lives.

About Carolyn Dvorak, Southwest Region Director

Carolyn lives in La Crosse with her husband and two daughters. She has loved riding a bicycle throughout her life. She enjoys working in the La Crosse area helping to create great places to bicycle.

One thought on “Dangerous By Design: Smart Growth America Releases the 2019 Report

  1. Thank you to the Bike Fed and to the authors of this report for being a voice of reason in a car-filled ocean of insanity. The nice part about this report is that it points out that pedestrian, cycling and even car-on-car fatalities are not just borne of ignorance, but seem to be created on purpose. People are getting killed by cars because the overwhelming majority of Americans want it that way. “Dangerous By Design” is absolutely true.

    Every day, drivers in Wisconsin will kill a couple of people. When this gets reported, the news anchors report it with no hint of tragedy or no somber tone of voice. How can no one care? They don’t portray car fatalities as a preventable negative, because viewers and advertisers won’t like that.

    Try telling someone your family member was seriously hurt and spent weeks in a hospital and months rehabbing because of a crash instigated by a crazy and most likely sober driver. That someone will most likely shrug and say next to nothing. No sympathy or outrage. It’s bizarre.

    Every step of the process -from vehicle design, to vehicle purchase, to street design, to traffic signals, to law enforcement, to driver behavior – it’s all designed to maximize danger.

    The primary difficulty is getting Americans to view killing someone with a car as wrong and to think of traffic fatalities as a negative occurrence, because right now the vast majority don’t perceive it that way.

    But at least we have the Bike Fed and a few others trying to change that.

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