Winter Walk to School Day at Zablocki

The thing about good ideas that work is they get tend to be replicated. You may have heard of Lincoln Ave Walking School Bus in Milwaukee improving student’s attendance while getting them active on the way to school. Even all winter! They only cancelled one walk day due to extreme weather. The Bike Fed is now partnering with Zablocki Community School, just a short ride south of Lincoln Ave Community School, to encourage more walking and biking and launch a Walking School Bus. As much as I wish we could just pop in and start running shop for a Walking Bus it does take some work to lay the groundwork to engage the school staff, families, students, and volunteers in the process. Zablocki staff and the Bike Fed have been partnering since this Fall to lay a good foundation to launch a Walking School Bus this Spring. Part of that strategy is to build excitement round the idea. What better way to do that than have a Winter Walk to School day celebration?!

The past 2 months of Winter in Wisconsin have not been kind, Milwaukee Schools closed for 5 straight days due to polar vortex and blizzards, roads and sidewalks are a dangerous mess, and kids have not had outdoor recess since coming back for the new year.

So a great opportunity to encourage some outdoor activity seemed more than appropriate. Last Friday, March 8th Zablocki hosted their first event of hopefully many to come. Bike Fed supported with free custom winter hats in the school’s colors for any kid who walked that 23°F and cloudy morning.

After the walk event Zablocki Community School Coordinator Ludys Ebratt, School Support Teacher Emily Sear, and I hosted a breakfast meeting with interested parents to  discuss how it works and try to garner some volunteers. Next steps will be to gather our data and contact info, start to build a route, train volunteers, and get a schedule up and running! And start planning a May Walk/Bike to School event!

If you school would like to host a Spring Event, MAY 8th is official NATIONAL BIKE TO SCHOOL DAY, but we love any active transportation to school! Please contact our Programs team!

If in Milwaukee Public Schools: SRTS Coordination Assistant, Michael Anderson,

Statewide: Jake Newborn, Director of Programming,

Or call 414-255-0377 and leave a message please.


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