Action Alert: Assembly Bill 365 Update


On October 16th state lawmakers will hold a hearing on Assembly Bill 365, which would allow law enforcement in Milwaukee to use automated systems to monitor and cite both speed and traffic signal violations.

Here at the Wisconsin Bike Fed we want to emphasize our unity in our support of this bill, recognizing its potential to increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians alike.

How You Can Help

As this bill specifically affects the city of Milwaukee, we’re asking Milwaukee residents to voice their support. You can add your information to the form below to send an email to the Representatives sponsoring this bill: Ballweg, Carpenter, Crowley, Duchow, Emerson, Fields, Goyke, Johnson, Myers, Neylon, Novak, Rodriguez, Rohrkaste, Sinicki, Skowronski, Stubbs, Tranel, Tusler, Vining, Vruwink, and Zamarripa.

We’ve provided some basic copy, however we encourage you to personalize as you see fit; share a story from your own experience, for example, or a particular location that you believe would benefit from the passage of this bill.


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"I'm writing to express my support for Assembly Bill 365, pertaining to the launch of a program allowing automated red light and speed camera use in the city of Milwaukee.

This program would establish a solid foundation on which to improve and sustain lawful traffic behavior and increase the safety of vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclists."


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2 thoughts on “Action Alert: Assembly Bill 365 Update

    • Currently the bill is proposed for first class cities, largely as a result of the Milwaukee Representatives sponsoring it.
      With that said, there was interest at the hearing from Racine, and it’s possible that an amended version including second class cities could move forward.

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