URGENT: Common Council makes amendments to cut Bublr Bikes funding

While reviewing budget amendments last night The Bike Fed was glad to see some monetary support amendments for improving bike and ped safety through projects that can have real effect and follow through on the Milwaukee Bike Plan, Pedestrian Plan, and Complete Street Policy all passed by the Common Council. We support those amendments as we all know just plans won’t protect our children or vulnerable users from vehicular violence. We want to thank all who messaged the Milwaukee Common Council to support those funding amendments . If you missed that blog here is more info and a link to submit contact form.
On the other hand we were saddened to see the cutting of Bublr Bikes operational support.
These actions seem counter intuitive. Reducing funding for the bike share in Milwaukee, which is set to increase it’s station and bike numbers in 2020, does not align with the message Council is sending to support Safer Streets for YOU!
The Bike Fed encourages The Common Council to support a budget that works hand in hand to get more people out of their cars, reduce emissions, and invest in the health and well being of our communities by supporting both Bublr and improved infrastructure and programs.
Bike share will be integral to moving people around our city during the DNC and beyond. Divestment of this magnitude sends mixed messages to constituency about your commitment to Complete Streets and safer roads for all of Milwaukee at a time when we need it most.
The hearing in front of the Finance & Personnel Committee starts tomorrow at 9am and the members of that committee are:
Ald. Coggs 414-286-2221 mcoggs@milwaukee.gov
Ald. Lewis 414-286-2221 Chantia.Lewis@milwaukee.gov
Ald. Murphy (414) 286-3763 mmurph@milwaukee.gov
Ald. Stamper (414) 286-2221 russell.stamper@milwaukee.gov
Ald. Perez (414) 286-2861 JoseG.Perez@milwaukee.gov
(a lot of them just list the general number so you have to ask to be transferred)

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