2020 Milwaukee Candidate Questionnaire: People Centered Streets Results

Elections season is in full swing. Primaries are being held on February 18th and general city elections on April 7th. In order to make the views of the candidates towards safer streets for vulnerable users more transparent, we are piloting a survey and scorecard program. If this goes well Bike Fed will work out a smooth process and share the process and systems for others to use in their local communities across the state in time for April elections. Questions should reflect local issues and larger-scale concerns of constituents who want a safer environment to enjoy. Bike Fed is a 501(c)3 and can not and is not endorsing candidates. This project is purely meant to help share information. Please see snapshots below of the candidate’s overall responses by clicking their name. In that PDF click on the link at the end of the snapshot to be directed to full answers.

Note: Not all candidates have responded. If there is no snapshot for them then that means they have not filled out a survey. Here is a link to the questionnaire if you’d like to ask your candidate of choice to fill one out. Staff will update this link in time for April 7th elections and takedown candidates that did not advance.

This link is for all candidate’s full response files.

This link is for all the candidate’s snapshot files. 

Thank you to the candidates for taking the time to fill these out. We appreciate the time out of your busy schedules.

Rodriguez, Andrea: Milwaukee County Supervisor District 4

Bielinski, Justin: City of Milwaukee Common Council District 8

Bobot, Vince: City of Milwaukee City Attorney

Brower, AlexCity of Milwaukee City Comptroller

Burgelis, Peter: City of Milwaukee Common Council District 11

Dimitrijevic, Marina: City of Milwaukee Common Council District 14

Langley, Grant: City of Milwaukee Attorney

Marek, Jacob: City of Milwaukee Common Council District 3

Rasky, Paul: City of Milwaukee Mayor, Alderperson in Milwaukee’s 14th district, Milwaukee County Supervisor in the 4th district

Royal, Fred: City of Milwaukee Common Council District 7

Sanchez, Angel: City of Milwaukee Common Council District 8

Taylor, Lena: City of Milwaukee Mayor




Thank you to volunteer, Walter Gay, who helped Bike Fed staff with this project.

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