Wisconsin: Capitol of Cycling/Skating in the Midwest?

Thanks for this guest post by Bob Dohnal, and for his encouragement to return cycling to the Milwaukee Mile! – Dave Schlabowske Why has the Wisconsin Bike Fed reached out to the Wisconsin State Fair to bring cycling back to the historic Milwaukee Mile Speedway again? The Milwaukee Mile Speedway is the oldest operating race […]

Kirk “The Corruptor” Memorial Bike Ride

Thanks to long-time Bike Fed member Tom Mortensen for this thoughtful tribute to his friend. It is a sad reminder of how cycling can bring people together and build lasting friendships that go far beyond a shared interest in riding bikes.   It’s difficult to start telling a story about such a wonderful day on […]

Being Respectful As Uninvited Guests

Thanks to Jacqui Sakowski for this guest post as a friendly reminder to be respectful of the rural communities in which we ride. I added the title above (Jacqui’s title is below) because as a person who his ridden his bike though small towns across the United States and abroad, I think we often are […]