A beach ride without the beach

Clark County Beach? Well, not many and too small to qualify as a suitable location for a beach ride. I’ve always been a bit envious of the fat bike stories I see about riders who maybe live close to Lake Michigan or Superior and have the opportunity to roll along for miles on end on […]

eBike Pugsley and Ageless Fatbiking

We’ve all done it.  We see some of the same people at a trailhead from time to time, even recognizing their vehicle or their bike or the skis they snap into, but for whatever reason, we fail to introduce ourselves.  Opportunity lost I guess.  I’m guilty; I’ll sometimes be in a hurry to just start […]

Sweaty Yeti Spawns FatBike Festival?

The fatbike scene is not a fad that is going away any time soon. Even though we are surely on the tail end of winter, it seems that with the number of fatbike-specific keeps on growing.  Based on attendance, there is more than enough interest among fatbike riders to gather together as frequently as possible […]

The Evolution of a Snowbike Trail.

  First of all, is it a Snowbike, Snow bike, Fatbike, Fat Bike or FatBike?? All of the above?  I guess in writing about the big bikes, I’ve used about every version. Now that it is actually winter here in Wisconsin, I tend to favor snowbike.  As J so famously said to R, a rose […]