Badger Volunteers shine with Share & Be Aware

  This spring semester has been the first where student volunteers partnered to expand the reach of safety education with the Bike Fed’s Share & Be Aware ambassadors. Four students in UW-Madison’s Badger Volunteer program educated others on walk/bike/drive safety around their own campus, city and as part of a commuter fair at Madison College […]

Cycling without Age grows from Oshkosh to Madison! – TEDxCopenhagenSalon   As a regional director of Share and Be Aware, our comprehensive safety program around Wisconsin, it’s hard to imagine a way to de-stress my ride than to ride with my grandmother, sharing the city with her and helping make sure she is safe as she rides. The same happens when we […]

Bike Theft Ring Busted, and We Launch Stolen Bike Registry

As a Spring reminder to properly lock your bicycle frame and wheels, the University of Wisconsin Madison Police just took down a professional ring of bike thieves and recovered 592 bicycles. Sadly, many of them nicer bikes that have been stripped down to bare frames.  As bike geeks, we understand the personal connection that can […]

¡Que Viva el Día de los Muertos!

  ¡Que celebración! In the Bike Fed’s first featured ride going into the cold season, our staff, volunteers and calavera painted attendees made this a hugely successful fundraiser. Some 75 riders (with Madison Police Department escorts) took to the streets in a bike procession that would celebrate life and death and the rich contributions to Wisconsin […]