A new year means new merch, and we need your help!

Submit your designs and you could win more than just notoriety!

We are looking for a new t-shirt design – something unlike anything we’ve had before! This is a call to artists, graphic designers, bicyclists, anyone at all! The theme is FORWARD. What message or image do you believe best represents that theme? Be creative and spontaneous! Come up with the most stunning and eye-catching design and you could be this year’s winner!


  • Submit up to two t-shirt designs relating to the theme FORWARD
  • Bike Fed staff will vote on a handful of our favorite designs as finalists for the contest and then ask our members and the public to vote on which design they think is the winner
  • The winning design will become one of the new t-shirt designs the Wisconsin Bike Fed includes in its online store!
  • Read complete contest rules HERE


  • A free t-shirt featuring YOUR winning design!
  • $250 gift certificate to any Bike Fed member bike shop in the state
  • Your signature on each shirt


  • Submit your designs to the Bike Fed no later than JUNE 11, 2021 11:59 pm  CST
  • Bike Fed staff will then share the designs of the finalists on our website and social media channels for public review
  • The winner will be announced on JUNE 30, 2021 3pm CST


  • Designs must be either one solid color or limited to a color palette of three colors or less
  • No more than two designs can be submitted to the contest, so choose wisely!
  • Designs must be no bigger than 12″x12″ in size
  • Must be 300dpi, CMYK, print-ready with any inserted graphics/typefaces embedded
  • Adobe Illustrator files are preferred, but we will also accept jpg or png image files for initial submission into the contest
  • Be sure to include the t-shirt color you think fits best with your design
  • By submitting a design, you give permission to the Wisconsin Bike Fed to use this design for any future promotional purposes, including printed or digital placements and physical products
  • All design submissions should be sent to info@wisconsinbikefed.org with the subject “Bike Fed T-Shirt Design Submission(s)”