Passing the Baton

Well, friends, it’s been a privilege to share in the success and growth of the Wisconsin Bike Fed these past 8 years. As mentioned in my farewell post earlier this summer, I will be leaving the Bike Fed in September to live in Freiburg, Germany for 11 months with my husband and baby daughter. While [...]

Slow Movement in Oshkosh

Slow Rolls are popping up all over the country. These slow paced community fun rides are a great way to reintroduce people to their bikes and to their cities. I had the chance to participate in one in Oshkosh earlier this month. Slow Roll Oshkosh kicks off at 6:30PM on the third Tuesday of each [...]

Big Win in Green Bay

  They say you can’t fight city hall. Maybe not, but the Green Bay Bicycle Collective has just shown that you can work with city hall and make great progress. Last week the Green Bay City Council voted 11-1 to install five foot marked bicycle lanes on Webster Avenue, a major north-south arterial connecting Green [...]