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Santa Cycle Rampage

Thanks to the 1000s of riders who joined us for the world’s largest holiday-themed-costume group bicycle ride in 2022! Both the Milwaukee and Madison official Bike Fed rides were a great success.

Each year the Santa Cycle Rampage has something that makes it memorable. This year’s Milwaukee ride, the original and largest, will be remembered as “the windy one” for years to come. Over 1,300 riders can say they were there and made memories to last a lifetime. Madison was less windy, but a touch more snowy and wet. 200 riders showed up from 11 meeting locations to gather at Library Mall and slow roll through downtown Madison. Between the two rides over $50,000 critical dollars were raised to be used as grant matches and support youth and family based education and encouragement programs in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. The rides are now spreading, as Eau Claire and West Bend both hosted Santa Cycle Rampages that benefit cycling in our state. So suffice it to say you all made our hearts grow 3 sizes this year, and each year we look forward to riding with you!

man wearing Jrue Holiday bucks jersey and a deer antler on his helmet waves at riders to begin the ride
Lead organizer, Jake Newborn, waves to riders to start the ride in Milwaukee.

SAVE THE DATE Join us December, 2nd 2023 in Milwaukee and December 9th, 2023 in Madison!

It was too windy to get the drones up this year, but please enjoy these videos from riders on the ground!

overhead view of 1000 people in santa costumes on bikes

The Best Holiday Tradition on Wheels!