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Teaching Safe Bicycling

We provide a variety of Train the Trainer classes to help communities around the state host their own Bike Rodeos for kids.

  • Learn to develop and organize a successful child bicycle safety event in your community
  • Find out how children differ from adults as riders and how their crashes are different
  • Understand safe riding tips and how to avoid the most common crashes between kids and people driving
  • Experience hands on hazard identification and how to reduce hazards

2024 Teaching Safe Bicycling Classes:

Trailside Signs with QR Codes Provide DIY Training and Lessons

In partnership with the Wisconsin DOT, Bike Fed offers trailside signs with QR codes that allow families and community groups to watch short videos, access downloadable slides, and then practice skills at their own pace or on their own schedule. This educational opportunity is available for all communities to help riders at any level learn skills and tips to keep everyone safe. The signs even have bike-friendly driver tips to create a better sense of community with everyone sharing the road respectfully!


Welcome to the Teaching Safe Bicycling Video Series!

Pre Ride Safety Checks

Station 1: Start and Stop

Station 2: Signals and Scans

Station 3: Obstacle Avoidance

Station 4: Driveway and Mid Block exits

Station 5: Traffic Signs and Intersections

Station 6: Who goes first?

Station 7: Balance skills and games