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Cycling Without Age: Map of Wisconsin Skilled Nursing Facilities

With the support of a grant from the Department of Health Services (DHS), the Wisconsin Bike Fed is honored to assist skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) with establishing and growing Cycling Without Age (CWA) programs. The Bike Fed also recognizes, encourages, and can offer assistance to other organizations with missions that serve older adults and those with differing abilities such as senior centers, ADRCs, hospitals, AARP groups, and other non-profits.

The following link to a map of Wisconsin skilled nursing facilities is provided to help connect SNFs with other SNFs, as well as non-SNFs to SNFs, within the same geographic area to network with each other and identify possible opportunities to share resources whenever practical, such as a pool of trained pilots and best practices. Learn more about the Bike Fed’s three-year DHS Grant for SNFs.

We hope these resources are helpful and wish you all the best in establishing and growing your CWA program!

For questions or interest in setting up a CWA program, please complete the Inquiry Form on the Overview page.