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Adult Education

The Bike Fed staff are experienced teaching a wide variety of bicycle safety classes targeted to adults of varying skills and confidence levels.

In 2023 Bike Fed has funding through a partnership with the Bureau of Transportation Safety at the Wisconsin DOT to provide adult bicycle safety education courses free of charge to residents. This year a main focus of the classes will be on the more vulnerable populations. We can offer classes geared towards women riders, riders over the age of 60, new residents to Wisconsin – including recent refugees, and even those who haven’t learned to ride on two wheels yet! We are available for contracted services above and beyond this funding source, so please reach out if you are interested in either hosting or attending. Check back on this page and our events listings for more information later this spring.

Go by Bike

This introductory course covers bicycling laws, essential gear for your bike, and how to plan and ride your route to the store, library, work or anywhere safely and confidently.  45 minutes

A class of women with paper plates of food sit together in an office with bicycle photos on the walls
The Bella Donna’s Cycling Club seen here taking a weekend Savvy City Cycling Class.

Savvy City Cycling

This class is similar to Go by Bike but offers a more in-depth look at Wisconsin bike laws for those wanting more information about riding in traffic.  60 minutes

Savvy City Cycling – Cycling Without Age

This class is similar to Savvy City Cycling from the perspective of pedaling a tri-shaw. Includes: bike laws, how to safely and comfortably share the roads, basic bicycle operation, pre-trip maintenance, and loading/unloading passengers.  90 minutes

Adults on Bikes (13+)

Man on dutch style bicycle unsteady
Our experienced instructors method can teach most adults to ride a bicycle in a couple hours.

This on-bike course covers state laws, bike handling skills, safe riding techniques, and a community ride to put new skills into practice. Participants must bring their bicycle and helmet!  Great follow up to Go By Bike and Biking in Traffic. 1-2 hours

Adults on Bikes – Cycling Without Age (13+)

This on-bike course covers state laws, bike handling skills, safe riding techniques, and a community ride to put new skills into practice. Participants must bring their bicycle and helmet to ride along with the group, each participant will have the opportunity to pedal a tri-shaw and be a passenger in a tri-shaw.  2 hours

Kids on Bikes (<13)

Similar to Adults on Bike but targets skills needed to avoid the most common crash types specific to our youngest bicycle riders. This course develops safe cycling practices in kids and gives parents peace of mind with lessons on safe braking, turning and straight line riding. Kids must bring their bicycle and helmet! Parents may follow along at the back of the group. 2 hours

Driver’s Ed

This course can be tailored for new, veteran, or professional drivers and highlights the responsibilities of people driving to keep people walking and biking safe. 1 hour

Skills for People Walking

Special attention is given to identifying and avoiding common driver errors that put pedestrians in danger. This class can be tailored for a senior citizen audience as they are at a higher crash risk but is appropriate for all adults. 1 hour.

Active Walking Class

Take a community walk to learn how to safely and assertively cross streets, understand what people in cars should do and are likely to do, and understand walking issues and solutions for your community. Active Walking can be combined with Skills for People Walking 1 hour

Improving Safety for All Road Users

This course educates law enforcement officers about laws to help keep people biking and walking safe so they can help create a better community.  Recent law changes, targeted enforcement strategies, and additional resources are all covered. 30 mins to 1 hour

Smart Cycling

Something for all abilities.  Designed to develop confidence and competence of a bicycle rider. Students will learn about choosing a bicycle, basic parts of a bike, essential equipment, as well as how to safely and comfortably ride your bike in various traffic conditions, terrain and climates.   

Typically a Smart Cycling course includes four hours of classroom instruction and four hours of on-bike instruction. 4 – 8 hours

Please add your name to this Smart Cycling Community Program interest list to learn more about upcoming classes or to host a class in your area. Classes available right away and based on your schedule.

Bicycle Friendly Driver

Help keep all road users safe by offering the Bicycle Friendly Driver training. This addition to the Smart Cycling program educates motorized vehicle drivers about how and why bicyclists travel the roadways. The objective is developing a shared understanding for all users. 30 – 60 minutes

Interested in bringing a class to your area, school, workplace or event?

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