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Mobile Bike Repair

The Mobile Bike Repair program trains and employs youth to repair bikes for free in under served communities of Milwaukee. We practice what we preach by providing this service via cargo bikes that bring tools and supplies directly to community centers like libraries and parks.

Mobile Bike Repair Basics

Launched in 2014 through a partnership with Layton Boulevard West Neighbors and Bike Fed, the program has trained and employed more than 15 high school aged students, several of them returning multiple summers in a row. In that time staff have repaired over 1,800 bikes. Operating in what we term “bike shop deserts” this program offers support to those most in need of a working bike to use for fun or transportation. Mobile Bike Repair is a key program we are referring to when we say we want to get people of all types on bikes.

We prioritize partnerships with summer Milwaukee Recreation sites located in Clarke Square, Layton Boulevard West, Harambee, Lindsay Heights, and other low income communities around Milwaukee in an effort to bring resources to those most in need.

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Site Schedule

Program Report

Thanks for a wonderful 2022! Review the program report and stay tuned for info on 2023!

Used Bikes for Sale

Buy a used bike in Milwaukee and help us fund Mobile Bike Repair’s free summer repair program!

Southside Team 2018: Jeans, Sami, Xavier

PEAK: Tiefenthaler Park

A permanent Saris Repair Stand has been installed outside the main building. Bike Fed partners with the PEAK Initiative to staff the station with a youth mechanic in the summer, offering a home base for repairing bikes for free and offering education opportunities.

Memphis helps a neighbor replace a flat inner tube at PEAK.

Mobile Repair Guidebook

The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years operating Mobile Bike Repair are shared in this guide, with the hopes of furthering equitable transportation, jobs and skill training, and connections within our communities. We recognize that we have arrived at particular solutions which may not be universally transferable, but we believe the method at which we arrived at those solutions will help others build a framework for a successful program that best suits their own capacities and needs.

Alaysia and Sunnie team up to remove a rear wheel

Apply for a Job

Applications for 2023 summer positions are expected to open in March 2023.

Interested in supporting? Know a youth who may be interested in working this summer? If you have any other questions please send an email to our Mobile Repair Manager.