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Mobile Bike Repair

Mobile Bike Repair programs use cargo bikes to bring free repairs and mechanical education to those in neighborhoods without easy access to such resources. Such programs are key to our mission of  getting people of all types on bikes.

MBR Basics

Launched in 2014 in Milwaukee, the Bike Fed now provides or supports such programs in Madison and Green Bay as well! Each program practices what they preach by providing this service via cargo bikes, bringing tools and supplies directly to community centers like libraries and parks. We target what we have termed “bike shop deserts”: areas traditionally under-resourced and under-served, without affordable nearby repair services.

Please reach our to our Mobile Repair staff or consult our Mobile Repair Guidebook if you are interested in starting a similar program in your community!

Milwaukee MBR

Since 2014, Milwaukee MBR has trained and employed more than 15 high school students, with several of them returning multiple summers in a row, and has repaired thousands of bikes for Milwaukee residents in need.

Madison MBR

Madison MBR brings bilingual bike safety education and mechanical training to repair stands located around the city.

Green Bay MBR

2022 was the inaugural year for Green Bay’s only mobile bike repair program, a partnership between Green Bay Bicycle Collective, Green Bay Parks Department, and the Bike Fed.

MBR Guidebook

The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years operating Mobile Bike Repair are shared in this guide, with the hopes of furthering equitable transportation, jobs and skill training, and connections within our communities. We recognize that we have arrived at particular solutions which may not be universally transferable, but we believe the method at which we arrived at those solutions will help others build a framework for a successful program that best suits their own capacities and needs.