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Cycling Without Age – Insurance & Liability

Bicycling is the second safest mode of transportation in the world (second to rail) and these proven trishaws are stable and slow-rolling so that passengers don’t miss a thing. However, if something unexpected happens, organizations will need to be prepared and protected.

To help keep costs low, the Bike Fed offers Pilot training on rules of the road, passenger relationships
and communication, preventative maintenance to protect your investment, and trishaw handling
skills. This annual pilot training also helps manage risk and perception of pedaling.


Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Centers

Typically the Cycling Without Age (CWA) trishaw rides, including trained volunteer pilots, are covered under regular activities program insurance.

Community Programs

Community programs are open to the public for ride requests. These are often affiliated with a community bike share program, Park and Recreation department, a volunteer non-profit, or ride services organizations (such as “Make the Ride Happen”). Program insurance may be secured at the lowest cost if related to an existing service. Some organizations have opted away from CWA due to liability, so it is important to assure partners and investors that many other programs exist, and research this as soon as practical.


Background checks

Each facility does their own background check on all pilots, prior to them pedaling passengers. Some complete this step even prior to training. Most do, but not all volunteers who attend the training will choose to become pilots.

Facility Training

Each organization does their own training on policies and the facility. This is done separately from training offered from the Wisconsin Bike Fed.


Both Passengers and Pilots complete waivers annually which are typically kept on file (many passengers come back for more fun with the pilot on the trishaw!).

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