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Cycling Without Age – Build a Team

Creating a Cycling Without Age (CWA) program in a community, skilled nursing facility, or an organization reprse ts dedication to bringing the joy of cycling to those who can no longer pedal for themselves. The time spent on planning will be rewarded with smiles and appreciation!

Many thanks to Fox Cities Cycling Without Age Association for their insight on this shared process.


Identify leaders and champions who believe in the work and will commit to it. These people are the “core team.” Who will make sure this initiative moves forward and will follow it to completion?

  • Your Wisconsin Bike Fed Community Engagement Manager, other organizations like “Make the Ride Happen”, local Board Members, and local advocacy leaders.
  • Fitness enthusiasts, active/retired fitness instructors/coordinators, and medical professionals.
  • Local organizers such as Fox Cities Greenway Alumnae, steering committee members with similar focus, professionals with mental health background.
  • Regional Planning Commissions, transportation planners, individuals who work with the Regional Mobility Management plan & Bike Pedestrian Plan for local municipalities.

Questions for the core team:

  • Do we want to work with communities, skilled nursing facilities, and/or organizations that already have a CWA program or those who want to develop a CWA program?
  • Have we intentionally reached out and followed up to include: representatives from minority groups? Groups representing differing abilities? Other nonprofits? Hospitals?  The local AARP Group? Alzheimer support groups? Senior Centers? 
  • Do we need an organization who could develop and coordinate a research project? Who?
  • Someone who has grant and fundraising experience?
  • Any other nonprofits or support groups or elected/appointed officials?
  • Any other recommendations?


Determine who has authority to make decisions about this initiative. Who has connections and is well respected? Who are the elected/appointed officials and decision-makers? Who will help with fundraising, marketing, education, and developing resource materials?

Questions for Champions:

  • How can we reach others who would have a passion for CWA?
  • Who are the passionate people needed to help with: basic maintenance, transporting trishaws to events, scheduling events/pilots, and future trainers?
  • Who will conduct outreach for fundraising?
  • How will we promote community awareness and relationships?

Advocates and Volunteers

Find out who else is invested in social programs and community-building.

Questions for Advocates and Volunteers:

  • How can we help assess what resources we need to develop the program, address long-term issues/problems, or assess CWA current needs.
  • Who will help identify local venues and passengers.
  • How to encourage community pilots from Hmong, Latino, Black/Brown, and Refugee Groups? 
  • Who will represent those with differing abilities?
  • How can we represent people age 55+? Local AARP?
  • Can we engage with the Alzheimer Association and other health-related support groups?
  • Any other recommendations or thoughts?

Expand Your Team

Think about who else can join the effort, then consider your goals and objectives with a mission statement. 

Sample Mission Statement

The following sample is provided to help you and your team draft your own mission statement so that you may remain focused on your priorities.

Fox Cities Cycling Without Age Association’s (FCCWAA) mission is to empower nursing homes, organizations and community members within the Fox Cities Region to implement and participate in a CWA program.   FCCWAA will develop and coordinate CWA resources, promote the benefits of CWA and fundraise by partnering in order to provide opportunities for older adults and those with differing abilities access to the trails, greenways, bike routes and bike lanes through a trishaw, a motor assist bike, pedaled by trained volunteer pilots.

CWA develops relationships, engages the community, creates a sense of belonging, provides alternative transportation and recreation options, and is an opportunity for community volunteers to enhance the lives of others.  FCCWAA and FCGI have a formal agreement to work closely and cooperatively to further this goal and provide alternative transportation and recreation opportunities for older adults and those with differing abilities.

Download a PDF of the Sample Mission

Sample Goals & Objectives

Because your time and resources are valuable, you will want to assess goals and objectives for your program. Here are some suggestions to help with your discussions:

1) Create and develop a resource guide and coordinate the available resources to develop and implement a CWA program.

  • Grant requests. Example: Packer Foundation development of educational materials, needs assessment.
  • Needs Assessment. Organizations/nursing homes short and long-term needs for CWA expansion and development
  • Develop and distribute resource information. Facebook Page, Website, etc.

2) Increase access to parks, trails and bike routes/lanes through partnering with local organizations, nursing homes
and community members to develop the CWA Program.

  • Fundraising/Donors
  • CWA Program promotion
  • Advocacy

3) Promote the CWA program benefits for volunteer pilots and older adults/differing abilities through community
engagement, alternative transportation and recreation options, and the benefits of being outdoors:

  • Health and Fitness?
  • Research project – who or what organization could coordinate the research project utilizing all current CWA programs in the area?
  • How to promote the benefits & best practices of this program and make this information accessible to the public?
  • How do we promote the CWA program in order to increase the number of Volunteer Pilots for community engagement?
  • Advertise Volunteer Pilot Training dates and promote need with like-minded nonprofits and related groups
  • Cycling Associations?
  • Nursing homes?
  • Area Police Departments?
  • Area Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission?
  • Social media options to share and promote local opportunities for volunteers?
  • Trails organizations?
  • Wisconsin Bike Fed? YES!

Download a PDF of the Sample Goals & Objectives

Thanks for learning about how to “Build a Team.” You are invited to move on to Step 2: “Budgeting & Fundraising.”