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Bicycles tend to be an indicator species of vibrant,  economically healthy communities. Where you see lots of people biking and walking, you often find successful businesses and healthy, happy communities.

There are many ways for businesses to make it more convenient, safe and attractive for more people to ride bicycles for transportation and recreation.

Bike Fed business members recognize that promoting cycling has a positive impact on their business and the community. Employers see increased productivity, reduced health care costs, improved morale, less time off, greater retention, and a better ability to attract a quality workforce. Through its efforts, businesses can become an even more valuable part of the community.

The Bike Fed has a number of programs that are easy to implement, and can be tailored and scaled to your business to get more people riding to work, to shop and for fun.

Business Membership Benefits Include:

Bike Basics Business  // $250 year

  • Corporate Policy Statement encouraging active transportation.
  • Art for billboards, yard signs, and safety fliers (stock and available for co-branding).
  • Listing in annual Ride Guide magazine as a Bike Fed Member.
  • Exclusive opportunity to purchase added exposure through webstories, newsletter sponsorships and social media posts to our dedicated audience of 20,000+ social media followers and 17,000 e-newsletter subscribers.

Bike Advocate Business // $500 year

  • All Bike Basics Benefits, plus:
  • One educational opportunity of your choice (up to one hour). Suggested topics include:
    • Commuting by bike
    • Bike friendly driver
    • Family bike education

Bike Focus Business // $1000 year

  • All Bike Advocate Benefits, plus:
  • Enhanced educational opportunity of your choice at one business event (up to four hours). Suggested opportunities include:
    • Bike rodeos
    • Farmer’s markets
    • Mentor/ride-leader development

Bike Friendly Business // $2,500 year

  • All Bike Focus Benefits, plus:
  • Enhanced listing in annual Ride Guide magazine
  • Assistance with League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Business application (up to 5 hours).
  • Online story about the bike friendliness of your business (posted on the Wisconsin Bike Fed website and shared by the Bike Fed).

Additional Resources for Businesses

Additional programs are available to customize your business bike, walk and wellness culture. To assist with economic development and reducing the carbon footprint of your community, we offer ready-to-implement education in partnership with Bike Fed Community Members in your area.

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