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Cycling Without Age – Budgeting & Fundraising

New projects or programs, like Cycling Without Age (CWA), require detailed planning including associated costs. Bike Fed can help provide resources to help you launch or maintain a CWA program within your budget.


When establishing a budget for a Cycling Without Age program, we recommend that you consider the following costs according to your organization’s resources:


  • Staff and Volunteer Training


  • Trishaw(s)
  • Trailer/transportation to ride location (This may be unnecessary if the trishaw is intended for on-campus use only)
  • Accessories Kit – Bike bag for emergency supplies, phone holder, water bottle holder, vest, rechargeable lights, floor pump
  • Volunteer recruiting – RSVP, advertising, etc.


  • Pick up trishaw – trailer rental, fuel, mileage


  • Training
  • Kick-off event
  • Maintenance – Annual tune up, Bike tool, lube
  • Background check for pilots (generally around $15)

Other Direct Costs

  • Program insurance

Helpful Tip

Use the budget form linked in the DHS Nursing Home Grant Program website – located
under “General Guidelines,” then the second bullet point.


Whether your community, skilled nursing facility, or organization has or does not have a development
coordinator or plan, here are some suggestions to kickstart your fundraising efforts based on your
budget needs:


  • Skilled Nursing Facilities may apply for Civil Money Penalty Reinvestment Program (CMPRP) funds to cover any aspects of this program, including the trishaw. (Note: this program is temporarily on hold)
  • Community Foundations


  • Families, local businesses, civil organizations (such as Rotary), schools, places of worship, and neighborhood involvement.
  • Fundraising events, such as bake sales, craft sales, raffles, celebrity dinners, donation box at events.

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