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This is a map of where people walking and bicycling have been hit by people driving a car. We hope this information informs discussions throughout our state about which roads need to be improved for the safety of all users.

As you review the map, you will see that these crashes are highly clustered: there are some very dangerous roads and intersections (here’s a look at some specific roads in Milwaukee and Madison). The first step to fixing dangerous roads is identifying where they are.

The crashes marked on the map are those that were reported to the police or involved an ambulance. Many crashes do not get reported and thus do not appear on this map.

  • When the map is zoomed out: the counties are colored by how many crashes there are on average per 100,000 residents each year. This lets you compare the relative dangers of different counties that have different population sizes.
  • When the map is zoomed in: you can see the individual crashes that have been reported in the last 7 years. The color of the circle represents how severely the pedestrian or bicyclist was injured. You can hover your mouse over individual crashes to see the date of the crash, the injury severity, and the age of the pedestrian or bicyclist.

We hope that this map lets folks throughout the state identify dangerous hot spots in their communities and work to improve the infrastructure that contributes to that danger.

Pedestrians and Bicyclists involved in motor vehicle crashes

2017 – 2023

data from UW TOPS lab – retrieved 3/2024 per direction of the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety

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We’ve generated a PDF of where drivers are hitting kids near every school in the state. We hope this is a useful tool for people advocating for safer streets in their communities. Please feel free to download and print and distribute these as you see fit!

Here are those maps organized by county and school district:

If you have any questions or comments about the data or this map, please reach out to Ben Varick, Bike Fed’s Dane County High School Education Manager, at