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From the first group of eight who established the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin on April 30, 1988 to the current executive director and board members of the Wisconsin Bike Fed, over 100 leaders have been looking out for cyclists throughout the state for the past 35 years.

It’s one thing to love to ride a bike – and we sure do! It’s another thing to share your time, talent, and energy to advocate for others so that they can enjoy a safe ride on trails and roads.

As we celebrate the 35th Anniversary in 2023, we are honored to acknowledge those who have done just!

We are grateful to past and current leadership for identifying as many people as possible, especially Arthur Ross and Steve Arnold. If we accidentally missed anyone, please let us know!

The Original Group:

Bruce Germond
William Hauda
Ann Kaemmerle
Susan Kavulich
Douglas Kowalski
Susan Kowalski
Arthur Ross
Jeannette Deloya

Executive Directors:

Dave Cieslewicz
Traci Elliot
Kirsten Finn (current)
Kevin Hardman
William Hauda
Jack Hirt
Jeannie Hoffman
Marcia Miquelon (first)
Dave Schlabowske
Dar Ward

Board Presidents:

Bob Burns
Traci Elliot
Ted Galloway
William Hauda (first)
Dan Herber
Amelia Kegel (current)
Chris Kegel
Bill Koch
Arthur Ross
Richard Wilson

Board of Directors:

Scott Arbit
Steve Arnold
Michael Barrett
Ken Bates
Matthew Birnbaum
Craig Breed
Doug Brown
Jason Brozek
Tim Buege
Bob Burns
Renee Calloway
Phil Caravello
Brien Christopherson
Steve Clark
Ken Cole
Dennis Connors
Jeff Currie
Bob Downs
Sarah Drilias
Don Eagon
Traci Elliott
Gordon Faulkner
David Fine
Daryl Flannery
Peter Flucke
Tracy Flucke
Chris Fortune
Ted Galloway
Kristie Goforth
Dan Goldberg
Mike Gottlieb
Angela Graf
Peter Gray
Clay Griessmeyer
Jim Guthrie
Joyce Harms
William Hauda
Amy Heart
Dan Herber
Craig Heywood
Margot Higgins
Nicholas Hoffman
Tad Hylkema
Carolyn Ingram
David Jablonowski
Michael Johnson
Georgia Kaftan
Adam Kazilsky
Amy Kazilsky
Amelia Kegel
Chris Kegel
Julian Kegel
Kit Keller
Dick Kendall
Timothy Kiefer
Amy Kinast
Michael Kinde
Bill Koch
Gigi Koenig
Janice Kowalski
Laura Kreofsky
Lindsey Kriete
Paul Lata
Keith Laughlin
Beth Liebhardt
Christopher Liegel
Mark Madison
Edith Merila
Brenda Michael
Rita Nygren
Gary Peterson
Rachel Pomeroy
Sydney Prusak
Randi Pueschner
Heather Putnam
Melissa Putzer
John Rider
Dan Rogalla
Paula Romeo
Arthur Ross
Mary Rouse
Gary Sanderson
Kristie Schilling
Eric Schramm
Richard Schwinn
Joan Sholdt
Butch Siegel
John Siegert
Gerald Specht
Elisa Stachowiak
Christie Terkelson
Emily Tianan
Pablo Toral
Nicole Touchet
Jay Townley
Phil Van Valkenberg
Jim Van Deurzen
Chick Veenstra
Melissa Vernon
David Waters
Richard Wilson
Mark Wise
Becky Yakes
Tracy Zafian
Ed Zappen

Click HERE for a list of current board directors. If you know or meet any of these thoughtful and generous past or current leaders, be sure to share your appreciation with them for their role in helping make progress for cyclists since 1988 and for their continued work to move cycling forward in Wisconsin for years to come! Thank you all!

A salute to those who have contributed to the progress made for Wisconsin cycling certainly does not end here.

Hats off to the individuals, cyclists, clubs, shops, businesses, organizations, communities, legislators, and more who have been, and will continue to be, dedicated to better infrastructure, policies, and opportunities for all!