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On November 20th Governor Evers signed into law Act 34 making E-bikes legal on state trails! This is a culmination of bi-partisan support and advocacy by your Wisconsin Bike Fed Board of Directors, staff, and industry partners to increase accessibility and options to more people on bikes.

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today signed Assembly Bill 132, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 34, a bipartisan bill that creates a definition for electric bicycles and provides a regulatory framework for rider safety. 

“Electric bicycles are not only a fun alternative to regular bicycles, but they offer a more sustainable and accessible transportation option for Wisconsinites,” said Gov. Evers. “Whether its visitors sight-seeing in a Wisconsin community, folks choosing an environmentally friendly commute to work, or a transportation alternative for our seniors and people with disabilities, this is a great transit option for our local communities. I am happy to sign this bipartisan bill that ensures Wisconsinites can enjoy the ride safely.”

Assembly Bill 132, now 2019 Wisconsin Act 34:

  • Creates three categories of electric bicycles based on the type of motor and assistance it provides to the rider;
  • Specifies that riders under the age of 16 cannot ride a Class C electric bicycle that allows the motor to assist riders up to 28 miles per hour;
  • Requires manufacturers to permanently affix a label that provides the classification of the bicycle’s motor; and
  • Ensures that electric bicycles are regulated and treated in the same manner as human-powered bicycles, except that local municipalities or the Department of Natural Resources may prohibit the use of electric bicycles on a bike path under its jurisdiction.