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As the sun sets earlier in fall, crashes in the evening commute increase. Let’s all make sure we are visible and alert to surroundings!

September weather in Wisconsin has been trending better in recent years with warm temperatures and low precipitation levels, thus extending the riding season for many commuters, school kids, and recreational riders for the year. It also means the sun starts to set earlier and visibility can be a concern with sun angles or increased darkness. This month we are asking all users of the road to stay vigilant in helping to reduce nighttime and evening commute crashes by ensuring their lights are on, driving and riding at an appropriate speed for conditions, and being extra aware of surroundings.

Bike Fed is partnering with the Bureau of Transportation Safety at WisDOT and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to spread the word via messaging on billboards, social media, and the radio.

These graphics are free to use and share via your social media or any other means you have to help us get the word out to road users. If you need a specific size or file format please reach out to

According to Wisconsin statute 347.06 “no person [motor vehicle] may operate a vehicle upon a highway during hours of darkness or during a period of limited visibility unless all headlamps, tail lamps, and clearance lamps with which the vehicle is required to be equipped are lighted.” 

In Wisconsin, the law states (347.489) nighttime bicycle riders are required to use a headlight and rear reflector. Adding a rechargeable rear flashing red light is a great idea as well.

Our colleagues at People For Bikes produced a list of considerations to take when riding in the fall.

Please walk, bike, and drive safe this season everyone!

One of the billboards in Green Bay!