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A new bike club was created at the start of the Fall 2021 semester at De Pere High School by student founder and President of the Redbird Riders, Bennett Bookter.

A new bike club was created this past fall at De Pere High School, and Bike Fed had the pleasure to virtually meet with student founder and President of the Redbird Riders, Bennett Bookter (far left in photo above) to learn more. As with any great endeavor, the bike club first started as an idea for the high school Junior. The club has now inspired fellow students from a variety of backgrounds to unify through their love of cycling.  

With a positive attitude and enthusiasm, Bennett worked through the logistics of exactly how to get approval for a new club at school with the help of faculty advisor and science educator Marijo Nelson (behind sign in photo above). Bennett was able to make connections and coordinate the necessary administrative details to form the club and keep it going…and growing.

In Fall, the club started with about 5-10 students and grew to include as many as 30. The students have enjoyed 5-10 mile rides every other week (weather permitting) that might also include a stop for ice cream or tacos. 😊 They also led out the runners at the start of a cross-country meet.  “Our club’s mission is to bring the love of biking to all students in De Pere and grow in the community,” shares Bennett. 

Redbird Riders logo- red circle outside with bird riding bicycle inside

Community support has certainly been strong to help the club move forward in many ways. With donations received through a GoFundMe account, five entry level fat bikes were purchased for shared use. With a bank sponsorship and logo design, they were able to get cool club t-shirts. A local bike shop helps with mechanical support, and a local training facility provides the opportunity to ride inside on trainers during winter days that are too cold to ride outside.

Bennett has gained a lot of valuable experience along the way – – coordinating waivers, sharing email communications, and setting up an Instagram page to share the club’s story (find them at redbird.riders).

The Wisconsin Bike Fed could not be more impressed with this personal initiative or more excited for the future of cycling. Best wishes to Bennett and the club. Roll On Redbird Riders!

March 2022