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The Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League (WICL) is a youth development program that uses mountain bikes as tools to develop strong minds, bodies, character, and communities among middle and high school student athletes and their families.

As one of twenty-nine National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) leagues across the country, the Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League (WICL) proudly lives and teaches the NICA values of Fun, Inclusivity, Equity, Respect, and Community through more than 700 licensed coaches who reside and work in Wisconsin leading more than 80 teams across the state.

Profile picture of Renee Griswold smiling
Renee Griswold

A long-time bike commuter in Milwaukee, the new Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League Director Renee Griswold found mountain biking in 2018 when her oldest son joined a local MTB team. Working her way up the coaching ladder and into the League Director role, Renee loves seeing the positive impact riding mountain bikes has on student athletes, and often their families.  After decades of working in the dance education world, Renee brings to the League non-profit expertise, extraordinary organizational skills and a passion for leading kids into adulthood with a strong foundation of character and developed life skills. Read the League’s announcement and learn more about Renee.

Renee shares: “The Wisconsin Bike Fed and the Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League have the common bond of serving those who love to ride bikes from all over the state.  Developing trails for our mountain biking teams, though NICA’s Teen Trail Corps programming and the Bike Feds efforts could lead to real opportunities for more quality riding around the state.  Being a member of the Bike Fed is a great way to stay informed and potentially get involved in worthy efforts in a variety of regions.”  

Renee riding a mountain bike on a trail
Renee Griswold photo courtesy of WICL

About WICL: The Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League serves all Wisconsin high school- and middle school-aged students, regardless of ability level. The League is committed to providing a positive coed cycling experience and is committed to teaching and practicing safe riding practices. Each season includes summer clinics, a fall race series, adventure programming, trail building and maintenance,  and certification for coaches that includes wilderness first aid, risk management and training in positive coaching practices.

Cyclists may stay up-to-date on Wisconsin Interscholastic Cycling League news and information by visiting, subscribing to their email newsletter, and following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. #morekidsonbikes

March 2022