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Wisconsin Healthy Communities Summit

The Wisconsin Bike Fed and Wisconsin Office of Outdoor Recreation team up to produce the 2024 Wisconsin Healthy Communities Summit! The Summit will take place at UW-Madison’s Memorial Union on Monday, April 29, 2024 from 8am to 5pm.  

Join us for a day of engaging breakout sessions, insightful speakers and active workshops that will arm you with inspiration and tools to take back to your community. Follow one of the tailored tracks for Changemakers, Educators or the Heads & Tails of Trails … or choose sessions from each. Whether you’re a business owner, trail enthusiast, an active transportation commuter, an all-around health nut, or anywhere in between, the 2024 Healthy Communities Summit is for you.

While we are still finalizing the event’s schedule and programming participants, we are excited to begin sharing some dynamic speakers and topics we’ll be covering, including:

  • Keynote Speaker: Renowned Author & Journalist Jessie Singer
    Jessie Singer is a journalist, keynote speaker, and the author of “There are No Accidents: The Deadly Rise of Injury and Disaster — Who Profits and Who Pays the Price”, a Slate, Fortune Magazine, Mother Jones, and The Economist best book of the year. Her writing appears in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Nation, Bloomberg News, New York magazine, The Guardian, and elsewhere. Jessie is an expert in safe systems, injury prevention, harm reduction, and the ongoing rise in “accidental” death. Jessie studied journalism at the Arthur L. Carter School of Journalism at New York University, and under the wing of the late investigative journalist Wayne Barrett.
  • Topics:
    • Building a Healthier Community
      • Learn more about how you can advocate for healthy changes in your community,  from your neighborhood to the statehouse, and about how Walk Audits can improve the livability of your community.  
    • Become a Safe Streets Educator
      • Learn from experts in the field of Safe Routes to School (SRTS) on how Safe Routes can positively impact your community and even get the chance to take an abbreviated course on Teaching Safe Bicycling!
    • How to Host a Trails School
      • Learn more about trail building, trail maintenance and engaging the next generation of trail users.

We’ll be sharing more speakers and expert programming participants in the coming weeks! The registration deadline is Friday, April 19th.