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Flyway Trail – Buffalo County


The Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge is currently soliciting input on Phase II of the Flyway Trail/Wenona Connector which is slated to be constructed later this year and is one of the Bike Fed’s 2024 Priority Projects.

When completed, Phase II will run from the terminus of the Great River Road State Trail at Marshland, WI to the terminus of Phase I of the Flyway Trail at the Town of Buffalo Park. Phase I of the Flyway Trail was completed in 2020 and runs from the Town of Buffalo Park to Latsch Island via a bridge of the BNSF railway and then on to Winona, Minnesota via a new separated bike/pedestrian lane on the Highway 43/54 bridge. 

Phase II of this project provides a vital link between Wisconsin and Minnesota and, when completed, will provide a continuous route for cyclists between Winona and Reedsburg, WI via the Flyway, Great River Road, La Crosse River, Elroy Sparta and 400 Trail system. Letters or emails of support must be received by March 19, 2024 to:

Attn: Ms. Casey Bryan 
W28488 Refuge Rd, Trempealeau, WI 54661

Sample Email Copy

Ms. Bryan:

 I am writing to express my support of completing Phase II of the Flyway Trail/Winona Connector. 

The Flyway Trail is a community-driven world class amenity that is increasing connectivity, economic development and recreational tourism in Buffalo County. In addition, this section of trail is an important link in the trail network that includes the 400 State Trail, the Elroy-Sparta Trail, the La Crosse River Trail and the Great River Road State trail to Winona. With the upcoming extension of the Great Sauk Trail, the new Wisconsin Recreational River Bridge and the Walking Iron Trail, completion of Phase II of this system will provide a safe new route for people to bike across our state. This project will also provide a safe extension of US Bicycle Route 30 (link:  Wisconsin Department of Transportation U.S. Bike Route (USBR) 30 and USBR 230 (

Thank you for your consideration.


The Flyway Trail is a community-driven world-class trail that is increasing community connectivity, economic development and recreational tourism in Buffalo County.  Phase I of the multimodal Flyway Trail is 3 miles long and connects Winona, MN to the Town of Buffalo Park in Buffalo County Wisconsin. 

A 1.26 mile section of the existing trail is unpaved and has been prone to washouts along its length during significant rain events in the three summer seasons that it has been open. The Flyway Trail board has applied for TAP funds to pave this section to improve safety and the user experience.

Phase II of the Flyway Trail, a 2.4 mile section that will connect the town of Buffalo Park to the terminus of the Great River Road State Trail at Marshland, WI is currently in the engineering and design phase. Trail advocates are seeking additional funding to also pave this section of the trail to avoid similar washouts that have occurred in Phase 1.

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