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Flyway Trail – Buffalo County

The Flyway Trail is a community-driven world-class trail that is increasing community connectivity, economic development and recreational tourism in Buffalo County.  Phase I of the multimodal Flyway Trail is 3 miles long and connects Winona, MN to the Town of Buffalo Park in Buffalo County Wisconsin. 

A 1.26 mile section of the existing trail is unpaved and has been prone to washouts along its length during significant rain events in the three summer seasons that it has been open. The Flyway Trail board has applied for TAP funds to pave this section to improve safety and the user experience.

Phase II of the Flyway Trail, a 2.4 mile section that will connect the town of Buffalo Park to the terminus of the Great River Road State Trail at Marshland, WI is currently in the engineering and design phase. Trail advocates are seeking additional funding to also pave this section of the trail to avoid similar washouts that have occurred in Phase 1.

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