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Mountain-Bay State Trail Connector – Shawano County

The Mountain-Bay State Trail  is one of the longest rail-trails in the state, 83 mi. in total. The trail runs between Rib Mountain in Weston to Howard Memorial Park near Green Bay. The majority of the trail is constructed on a former rail bed. However, in Shawano County’s Richmond Township, there is a 4.5-mile gap in the rail-trail which requires users to travel on a fast moving rural road with no shoulder. This segment is particularly dangerous due to large farm equipment, blind corners and four sets of railroad tracks. For the past twenty five years a dotted line marked “future trail” has appeared on the area map.  Trail advocates have submitted a TAP grant for a feasibility study to make this proposed off-road option a reality.

In early October 2023, WisDOT released the list of TAP grant awardees following the spring 2023 application cycle. The Bike Fed is thrilled to announce that the Mountain-Bay State Trail Connector project was awarded $30,080 to conduct a feasibility study on the proposed project area. Going forward, Bike Fed staff will continue working with project stakeholders and community members on next steps following the completion of the feasibility study.

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