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Wisconsin Bicycling Hall of Fame Nomination Procedures

Have an idea for someone who deserves to be in the Wisconsin Bicycling Hall of Fame? The general qualifications and nomination procedure are listed below.

Nomination & Selection Procedures

Note for 2020, we will only be having a virtual Hall of Fame celebration. For this reason, we will not be inducting anyone new until 2021. You may still nominate someone using the procedure outlined below, but selections will be postponed until next year.

Inductees are selected from one of three categories:

  • Advocacy: Individuals whose efforts have resulted in significant improvements in bicycle infrastructure or safety education or whose efforts have encouraged more people to ride.
  • Industry: Business owners and members of the state bicycle industry who have contributed to the growth of the industry, advancement of cycling technology and/or supported advocacy, sport and charity.
  • Sport: Those who have advanced the sport through contributions in the areas of equipment, coaching, and overall promotion of the competitive sport.

Authority to Nominate:

Anyone can nominate a candidate, but they must provide supporting documentation of the nominee’s accomplishments in order for the nominee to be considered for placement on the ballot. Please be as complete as possible and document major accomplishments. A list of what are considered a nominee’s top 10 accomplishments is a good start. Submitted documents will not be returned and are retained as part of the Hall of Fame’s archives. Please submit copies of materials you wish to keep.

Email your nominations to

The nominees will then be reviewed and chosen by the Inductee Selection Committee, made up of representatives from our state bicycle industry, the racing community and local advocates. We are seeking additional members for the selection committee. Interested candidates please email Email Dave Schlabowske.

Inductee Selection Committee :

  • David Schlabowske
  • Tom Schuler
  • Richard Schwinn
  • Phil Van Valkenberg
  • Interested in being on the selection committee? Email Dave Schlabowske for more details.

Nominees not chosen will be held and may be inducted in future years.

Members of the selection committee may also nominate individuals.

Nominating Process:

Simply send an email to Dave Schlabowske with the name, category and short description of the person’s accomplishments and we will be in touch with to get more details.

The Inductee Selection Committee may ask for more detailed documents and information for a submission, which may delay consideration until the following year’s ballot.

The Inductee Selection Committee will review the nominations and attempt to chose an inductee from each of the three categories each year, but that is not a requirement. There may be years when some individuals from one or two categories are selected, or years when more than one person from a single category is selected.