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Advocacy starts with just one person – or in this case, just one cyclist.

Your state elected officials travel to Madison during each 2-year legislative session, ready to draft, discuss, hear, and vote on bills. If they want to keep their jobs, they generally try to vote in favor of things their constituents support, or against things their constituents don’t. It’s the basic building block of democracy.

But, in an increasingly complex world, it’s easy for legislators to miss key issues for their constituents – especially if they’re not hearing directly from the communities they serve. 

When advocating in Madison, we at Bike Fed have repeatedly heard that legislators simply aren’t hearing from people back home that biking infrastructure, access, and safety are important to them. While we as cycling enthusiasts know the importance of these things for each and every Wisconsin community, not every legislator does.

Please let your elected officials know that supporting issues important to cyclists – whether they be based in the biennial budget, infrastructure advancements, bills related to safety and access, or more – are important to you, a constituent and voter.

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Legislator Outreach

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