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BCETS – Bombay’s Challenge Event Training Series

March 2, 2024


March 2, 2024 9:00 am

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Bombay’s Challenge Event Training Series (BCETS) is a 15 week series of early season training rides preparing riders for hilly endurance events such as The Horribly Hilly Hundreds (HHH) in June. The rides will challenge you on your way to attaining peak performance in mid June. The program is also suited to riders who just want to improve their climbing skills, endurance and overall fitness regardless of participation in a challenge event.

Training rides start early in the season. Weather permitting, outdoor training rides take place every Saturday morning beginning the first weekend of March through mid-June (the week before the HHH)

Most of the training is on gorgeous and very hilly terrain in and around Blue Mounds and Mt Horeb.