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The lyrics “country roads, take me home, to the place I belong” from the song “Country Roads” by John Denver resonates with me here on our quiet and peaceful country roads in Waushara County.  Growing up and surrounded by the beauty of this area, I know we’ve been blessed and truly want everyone to share in it.
~ By Jennifer Pulvermacher


As bicyclists we cruise down the roads, see the things that most people in a car take for granted
or don’t even notice at all. The abundant wildlife, the lakes, rivers, woodlands, and farmlands,
this …. this is Waushara County.

While our county consists of small cities, towns, and villages it is filled with many parks, local shopping, and some really great places to eat. You don’t have to worry, you won’t see a lot of traffic or congested roads here. Well, unless you happen to come upon the hardworking local farmer planting, working, or harvesting fields.

There are so many opportunities to ride your bike in Waushara County.  If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Biking in Waushara County page, where you can find Strava downloadable links or a pdf of the 10 established bike routes.  These routes cover about 280 total miles throughout our county, so there isn’t much you you’ll miss.  You can also find a paper copy of these routes by picking up a bike booklet in a local Waushara County library, the Waushara Area Chamber of Commerce, or at the Waushara County Parks or Health Departments

Waushara County also has some great mountain biking trails located in Mt. Morris at the Nordic
Mountain Ski Hill. These trails are groomed and maintained by Waushara Area Mountain Bike
Association (WAMBA). There are a total of nine miles of amazing trails to use in the summer,
and 3 miles of trails for winter Fat Tire Biking. Fat Tire Biking has become a very popular sport in
the area for the winter months and you will even see groups of bikers getting out on the road
all winter long.

Waushara County’s biking community like any other biking community ebbs and flows in size.
We see new faces, old faces, and we proudly have some OGs from the first Waushara biking
group that ride with or lead some of the rides. There are a wide range of ages and abilities that
are a part of this group. With many group rides throughout the week, it is perfect for beginner,
intermediate and experienced riders. There are destination rides all throughout the summer
that pop-up. Such as riding to the dairy breakfast, local breweries, food trucks, wineries, plus
Sunday morning coffee rides and Bloody Mary rides as well. Join our
Waushara Social Cycling and Fitness” Facebook Group and come and ride with us soon.

Our biking community was initiated in the 1980’s by local legend the late Paul Walker. To
honor him, several people decided to have an informal ride in his name. Therefore, in June of
2020, the first annual Paul Walker 103 was created with a large group of riders participating.
Most of the riders rode the entire 103 miles, while a few made the route a little shorter. The
route is a large loop around Waushara County and is easily adjusted for riders who want to ride
a shorter distance. The 4th Annual Paul Walker 103 will be held on June 24, 2023, rain or shine,
and is open to everyone. This ride is very informal (no SAG support) but will have occasional
stops on the way.

Come see Waushara County on two wheels. We’d love to see you here!

Visit Waushara County Tourism and plan your next adventure!