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From May 31 through June 2, Bike Fitchburg and the City of Fitchburg hosted a three-day seminar providing instruction on how to teach a variety of League of American Bicyclist’ Smart Cycling classes to children and adults that help them feel more confident and secure about riding.


Through hands-on training from LCI Coach John Rider and two LCI Assistants, Mike Grady and Steve Arnold of Fitchburg, five Bike Fed staff sought League Cycling Instructor (LCI) status, and when added to the existing six LCIs already on staff that would make a total of 11! 

Hats off to all of our Bike Fed LCIs:

  • Jean Carlos Aleman, Safe Routes Instructor
  • Michael Anderson, Milwaukee Youth Education Manager
  • Barb Blick, Semi-Retired Safe Routes Instructor
  • Anthony Casagrande, Mobile Bike Repair Manager/Safe Routes Instructor
  • Alora Correa, Milwaukee High School Education Manager
  • Gui Gregory, Education Coordinator
  • Angie Livermore, Lead Safe Routes Instructor
  • Nivali Mariam, Dane County Education Programs Instructor
  • Jake Newborn, Assistant Director
  • Natalie Schad, Madison Youth Education Manager
  • Ben Varick, Madison High School Education Manager

Enjoy reflections from the five students of their LCI training experience:

“The LCI class helped me think through the different ways that people become a more confident, competent bicyclist. By practicing teaching the bicycle drills, I am better able to help high school students learn to bike safely. I also appreciated the opportunity to work with other community partners and strengthen relationships throughout the class.” ~ Ben

“LCI seminar was awesome! John Rider did a fantastic job facilitating the course and I was with a wonderful group of people who encouraged and supported each other throughout. I got to focus in on some bike maneuvers like my Quick Turn and build up confidence teaching these techniques to fellow participants.” ~ Alora

“The position/program I am in is bike and walk safety instructor for elementary level school. The course I took training in will help me improve ways to teach kids and adults how to stay safe while riding bicycles on roads/streets. I was excited about taking this course on a personal level also to help my community to be safe while having fun things around their communities and to help each other out. The one thing I learned from the course is the level of communication which stuck with me throughout the course. Now I can confidently teach these skills around my community and others that may want to learn to stay safe out there in the state of Wisconsin.” ~ Jean

“Having a planned curriculum and practicing my teaching skills with a seasoned instructor along with my peers made me more confident about the ways I can help new riders to learn how to safely ride their bikes and enjoy it.” ~ Nivali

“As someone who has been riding for many years, I was blown away by what I learned at the LCI training hosted by Bike Fitchburg. The techniques for on-bike crash and hazard avoidance, and safety precautions like the importance of reflective gear and lane positioning, are all pieces of the puzzle that I’d never put to language until now. I am so excited to incorporate this learning into our adult Smart Cycling and Learn to Ride Classes this summer!” ~ Gui

We could not be prouder of our Education team and their impact on this important aspect of the Bike Fed’s mission!

Want to learn more about education classes offered by the Bike Fed?

Visit the Programs tab at for “Teaching Safe Bicycling“,  “Youth Education“, and “Adult Education.”