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Bicycling enthusiast Linda Roessl has two-wheeled her way around a lot of bike paths in her lifetime, but  one of her favorite spots of all is the Heart of Vilas County Trails in the Sayner-Star Lake area.

Linking the five communities of Sayner, Boulder Junction, Manitowosh Waters, Mercer, and St. Germain,  the Heart of Vilas County Trail is 52 miles of paved trails that, according to Linda Roessl, are wonderfully diverse, expertly planned,  and very well maintained. 

For years Roessl, a member of the Bay View Bike Club in Milwaukee, has organized a trip to  the Northwoods for a ride along the Heart of Vilas Trail. 

“Honestly, the people who put that trail together really did their homework,” she says. “It’s not just your  typical flat trail along an old railroad bed. It’s curvy and swerving and woodsy and adventurous and has  all the things you really need.” 

Linda Roessl

That includes plenty of restrooms and rest stops along the way, all very well marked, she says. “The people in those communities take a lot of pride in maintaining them too,” she says. “I was up there  one time and there was a guy on a recumbent bike, riding along and blowing the leaves and pinecones  off the trail with a leaf blower,” shares Roessl.

Recognized as a National Recreation Trail, Heart of Vilas winds through the Northern Highland American Legion State Forest. Along the way, bicyclists will pass along the shores of Plum Lake, over bridges  crossing crystal clear streams and so much beautiful scenery you’ll have to remind yourself to keep at  least one eye on the road ahead. 

From Sayner riders head south along 12 miles of trails that’s known by many as the “rollercoaster”, with  fun, rolling hills, heading into St. Germain. Head north and you’ll pass Crystal Lake and its popular  Campground and see Big Muskellunge Lake and Trout Lake before you get to Boulder Junction. From  Boulder Junction you can ride west to Manitowosh Waters.  

Mary Debilzen, the owner of the Corner Store in Sayner, says there’s also riding for nearly every kind of  bicycle enthusiast. “There are great trails for off-road biking as well as all of the paved trails, and we’ve certainly seen an  uptick in the use of e-bikes,” she says. (Please note trails are limited to e-bikes that do not exceed 30  mph.) 

Debilzen says that in addition to plenty of rest stops along the way, the connection to five different  communities means you never have to go very far to find a place to take a break or enjoy the beauty,  great food, and hospitality the Great Northwoods has to offer. She says there are plenty of parking spots  that give visiting riders easy access to the trails. “We also have 10 different campgrounds connected to the trail,” she adds. “It’s a great trail for families  and for groups of riders.”

“I think the thing I like about it the most is that each part of the trail has its own personality. No matter  what your riding preference there’s something there for you.”  

Mary Debilzen

The Heart of Vilas Bike Trail System’s “Fixtations” are strategically located to help you with any small  repairs you might need, equipped with bike tools and a tire pump.  

Right in the middle of it all, you’ll find Sayner-Star Lake, which offers everything a biker or casual visitor  might need. From Debilzen’s Corner Store, which offers all kinds of support for bikers as well as  camping, fishing, and delicious treats, to charming shops like Cre-ate, Traditions, Plum Lake Quilts, and  even the Vilas Historical Museum. 

For more information on biking and everything else the Sayner-Star Lake area has to offer, go to the  Chamber’s website at Request a FREE visitor guide, to start planning a trip to  this beautiful northern Wisconsin community.

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