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As Wisconsin continues to adjust to the Coronavirus, Governor Evers has required that many non-essential services close.  However, many people are riding bikes now, and depending on bikes for safe transportation.  These folks need bike shops more than ever. 

We are advocating that the 147 bike shops in Wisconsin should be allowed to stay open as essential businesses!  Local shops will be able to continue to provide the invaluable service of allowing your cycling transportation to continue.

Randi Pueschner, owner of Smith’s Bike Shop in La Crosse said, “Bicycling can offer a healthy break from day-to-day activities, both physically and mentally. Labeling the bicycling industry as “non-essential” would not only harm the commuters who don’t use vehicles to get places like the grocery store, but could severely limit the options we all have to stay healthy through exercise and stress relief.

Whether you feel safer riding indoors or you’re safely riding outside, we hope you’re able to spend some quality time on two wheels. 

The Bike Fed is partnering with Madison Bikes to gather a list of bike shops around the rest of the state and will be sharing that soon with their status once we have an announcement from Gov. Evers on this topic. Check back tomorrow for more info. 

And, write your local legislators and urge them to keep bike shops open as essential businesses.

Read our letter to Governor Evers below

Click image to open PDF of letter