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Question: Who is a typical Bike Fed member, and who should/could be a Bike Fed member?


Answer: Anyone who rides a bike for recreation, transportation, or sport and wants to help move cycling forward in Wisconsin!

In early 2023, we asked members to share insight and preferences through a voluntary survey. We would like to share an overview of some of what we learned, followed by a staff representation of how varied a bike rider and Bike Fed supporter can be.

Top three type of bikes members prefer to ride:

  • Road
  • Hybrid
  • Gravel

Runners-up: Mountain, Touring, E-Bike

Top three types of riding members prefer:  

  • Road Riding
  • Day Rides
  • Commuting

Runners-up: Gravel/Unpaved, Mountain, Weeklong Trips

Age Range:

Top categories and frequency that best describe how members most often ride a bike:

  • Weekly for Recreation/Exercise
  • Daily for Recreation/Exercise
  • Weekly for Transportation/Commute

Annual Income:

A wide and even range from zero/retired to $200,000+.


Top three reasons for joining/renewing with Bike Fed membership:

  • Support Bike Fed’s advocacy efforts on behalf of all cyclists in Wisconsin
  • Support Bike Fed’s efforts on infrastructure improvements around the state
  • Support rides organized by Bike Fed & have one website to find rides around the state

91% of members read the e-newsletter always or sometimes

78% of members shop locally for cycling gear

Cycling Skill Level:

80.4% of members consider the Ride Guide magazine a valuable or very valuable benefit

90.6% of members are satisfied or highly satisfied with the quality of the Ride Guide

To give you an idea of the range of who likes to ride a bike and support Bike Fed, look no further than your e-newsletter communication team who creates content and works with fellow colleagues to bring you weekly updates on Wisconsin cycling news…

A tale of two bike riders from your newsletter team:

Chris Stindt, Newsletter Editor

Representing over-active riders – I love all of the bikes and am happy to help give back in many ways, including through Bike Fed!

I found bikes through triathlon when my son was born. I’ve ridden and raced cyclocross, road, gravel, and mountain bikes. I am also the race director for the La Crosse Omnium and ORA Trails Fest. In my other spare time, I’m the Team Director for our local NICA chapter, and my son is racing on the team and my wife is coaching. We all <3 bikes and ride frequently as a family.

Bike Fed has a place close to my heart for many reasons, including the Ride Across Wisconsin, which I’ve completed and directed previously. Events bring people together and allow people to have new experiences. Plus it’s pretty cool to say you’ve ridden across a state or world’s largest ride with the most people dressed like Santa. But I’m also a big fan of advocacy and any/all improvements to road safety for all users.

Laura Mandella, Membership and Communications Manager

Representing recreational riders – I am proud to be a member and staffer of the Wisconsin Bike Fed!

I am nearly 60 years old and have enjoyed riding a road bike since I was a teenager. I am truly content to ride 10 miles in an hour on weekends with good weather along streets and paved trails through my local communities. I’ve never participated in an organized ride event or race and am glad that it was not a deal-breaker for my employment!   : )  

I deeply appreciate the work of organizations like the Bike Fed and Rails-to-Trails, along with communities that prioritize cycling. My gratitude is retroactive since I was benefiting from these efforts long before I even thought about or realized what goes on behind-the-scenes to create those possibilities. The railroad line that ran along the west side of a park I played in as a child became part of what is now a significant paved trail system by the time I went to high school and was perfect for cross country practice and fun bike rides. I’ve been lucky to live near paths or parkways ever since.

Now it is my privilege to help share information, opportunities, and progress with fellow riders, members, and supporters through the website and e-newsletter as someone who simply just likes to ride a bike.

Chris and Laura’s colleagues include staffers who exclusively ride a bike for transportation; mix biking, walking, plus mass transit; ride e-bikes; and use cargo bikes or trailers for work and personal needs. We strive to live the mission and offer encouragement that there is a place for all kinds of riders in our cycling community!

Let’s welcome everyone who likes or needs to ride a bike in WI!

  • If you are already a Bike Fed member – THANK YOU!
  • If you would like to see more riders like yourself, or have friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers whose support would enhance the voice of members on behalf of all Wisconsin cyclists, please invite them to join/renew or give them a gift membership.

And if membership is not right for you now, you can sign up for our free weekly e-newsletter from the bottom of any webpage, and stay up-to-date on Wisconsin cycling news.