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Happy Bike Week 2023! The start of Bike Week means we are in the final week of our “Letters to Legislators” campaign with Trek. We really need YOUR HELP to convince the state legislature to support trails and cycling initiatives in our state.

We are asking you to write your legislator expressing your support of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s proposed increase in Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) funding for trails, biking, and walking infrastructure to $18.5 million annually, as well as a proposed $1.2 million dollar annual fund to help rural communities meet the required “local match”. Additionally, we encourage you to write about any trails you love to ride or the impact that cycling has had on you or your community. 

Each person – you, your friends, your family, your co-workers – who writes a letter to their legislator or a Joint Committee on Finance member will be entered into a drawing to win a Bike Fed and Trek swag bag! Three winners will be selected in a drawing on June 15th. Winners will be notified via the email they provide when entering the contest. 

If you would like to participate in this campaign and write a letter, we strongly encourage you to visit our contact your legislator webpage, print out the letterhead that is linked, fill out this google form to ensure you are entered in the drawing, and mail the letter! If you are looking for some writing inspiration, we encourage you to head over to our new and improved 2023 Priority Projects webpage.

This letter campaign will conclude at the end of Bike Week, on Saturday, June 10th, so please get your letters out and enter the drawing while you still have the chance!