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Chris’ Slow Roll

August 27, 2023


August 27, 2023 All Day

When word got out that Chris Kegel was terminally sick, his inner circle got together immediately. How could we quickly rally the forces to honor this amazing human and show him how much of a positive impact his life’s work had made on the community? The only thing that made sense, was to bring everyone together for Chris’ favorite thing – a bike ride.

The slogan the first year was, “The More the Merrier.” Within a week of planning and getting the word out – a thousand people got together for the first annual Chris’ Slow Roll in 2016. Although he wasn’t able to ride, the party at Kegel’s Inn was an opportunity for Chris to see how many people he had touched. Every year since then, we have come together at the end of August to celebrate and commemorate how bikes can be the common thread in our lives.

From its inception, the Slow Roll was designed to be easily accessible, free, and a family friendly ride for all kinds of riders. All people are welcome.