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Many local bike shops are open and even offering pick-up and delivery services!

Bike shops have been deemed essential businesses because they serve people who use bicycles for transportation. But riding a bicycle for recreation is also allowed, as long as you follow guidelines for safe social distancing. So if you are feeling cooped up and need some exercise, feel free to grab your bike and head outside for a ride.

But if you are a recreational cyclist who is pulling your bike down from hanging in the garage all weekend, please take some time for the ABC Quick Check:

  • A: to check the Air pressure in the tires.
  • B: check that the Brakes are working by squeezing them and then testing them at slow speed somewhere safe before you head into traffic.
  • C: Inspect the Chain to see if it need lubrication/oil.
  • Quick: Make sure the Quick releases are tight at the wheels and seat post.

If you are not particularly handy, if your bike needs a spring tune up, or you can’t find that darn helmet, most local bike shops are open to get you rolling safely. In fact, many are experiencing record service requests and sales lately.

Click on any bike shop icon on the map below to open a window with a phone number and link to the shop website. Most shops have their hours and special pandemic service and sales options on their homepage.

Need or want a new bike? With many of the big annual spring bike sales canceled, many shops are having in-store specials and offering pick-up and delivery services. Give you favorite local bike shop a call before you go.