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Pedestrian Power Hour

The streets of Milwaukee have been designed to give priority to vehicular traffic, not to the diverse users of the street like people who walk. This prioritization contributes to an unnecessary number of serious traffic-related injuries and fatalities across all travel modes within our community.

If you want to see safer streets and support the pedestrian experience, please join us for a virtual PEDESTRIAN POWER HOUR 03/11 or 03/13.

Join MilWALKee Walks for "Pedestrian Power Hour" Tools to Adovcate for Safer Walking in Your Neighborhood

This will be our kick-off general information session, where MKE Walks will

-Provide important local data on pedestrian safety and why pedestrian advocacy in Milwaukee is important

-Provide residents and community organizers with the necessary skills to navigate complex City agencies to secure safe streets

-Share opportunities and ways to get involved in 2021; join a local network of people that care deeply about the dignity and safety of people on our public streets.

Thursday 3/11 6pm or Saturday 3/13 11am
MeetingID: 971 364 3638
Passcode: MKEWALKS